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For the Redhead’s Amusement

Here’s a photo The Redhead has never seen: it shows the longest I’ve ever had my hair (and the last time it was red.
This photo is from February 2002 and the guy to the left is Rob
Strickler, the newest member of our house.

I like to refer to hairstyles like this as the “I Want to Hump Duran Duran” look.

5 replies on “For the Redhead’s Amusement”

That has to be the most unflattering photo of me you have. Immortalized on the web even!

Love it! 🙂
And, though you probably already noticed, I thought I’d note that there’s a mention of you and your lovely blog in the Life/Entertainment section of the Toronto Star today!
It was named as, if I recall correctly, one of Canada’s most interesting blogs.
Well, we all knew that already, but still…others need to understand as well.

I was about to say the same thing. Don’t you have a less “deer in headlights” picture of Rob kicking around?
– Lara
P.S. Hi, buddy!

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