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Tonight on CTV News at 11: David Akin Interviews Elliot Noss

David helps Lucien the camera operator focus as Elliot gets set up for the interview. This took place in the lobby of the Tucows offices.

This is a shot of journalist David Akin (who reports on business and technology for CTV News and writes for the Globe and Mail) setting up Tucows CEO Elliot Noss (a.k.a. my Boss Ross’ boss, Noss) for an interview that will appear on tonight’s 11:00 edition of CTV News. David wanted a local high-tech CEO’s opinions on the upcoming Google IPO and Elliot provided them.

(I met David at the DefCon 8 conference in Las Vegas back in 2000, when Chris Cummer and I were down there to give away copies of ColaVision, a strange but wonderful little OpenCola project, to the hacker hordes. He interviewed us for a National Post article in our hotel room at the Luxor, consuming several cans of Guinness along the way.)

David and Elliot were kind enough to let me video the interview (in fact, they encouraged it — thanks, guys!), and I’ll post the video, more photos and notes later today. As I write this, we are told that David and Lucien the cameraman are fetching a new camera, with which they will film a “you are there” clip with Elliot talking to me at my desk as I show him some new Blogware features.

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Strictly speaking, he’s helping the camera operator white balance the camera, not focus.

Speaking of Defcon 8, is this you? Completely randomly, I had noticed you had linked to another pic on my site (backwards baseball hat frat dudes). After reading over your blog a bit, I realized I had a pic of you. Small world and all that!


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