Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

BloggerCon bound

I’ll be in Boston this weekend, partly to see The Redhead, but also to attend BloggerCon 2.0

(taking place at Harvard this Saturday, April 17th) to meet with other

bloggers, be the Tucows goodwill ambassador along with Boss Ross and perform the national anthem on accordion for the opening keynote (I’ll do my best to throw in O Canada too).

Other Canadian registrants with whom I am acquainted include:

  • David Akin, reporter for CTV News and The Globe and Mail. Among other things, he covers tech news, and gave me my first major newspaper interview back in 2000 (an article on DefCon, where I went by the handle “Rice Cube”, the accordion-playing programmer). David’s also a Blogware user.
  • Richard Eriksson, author of one of my favourite blogs, Just a Gwai Lo.
  • Boss Ross. He’s just this guy, you know?

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It would be a mistake to conclude that because I’m registered to attend BloggerCon that I will actually be attending.

Because there was an outside chance I might go. When it appeared that my bank account wasn’t going to acquiesce, my decision was made for me. I guess I never bothered to de-register.

I’m like Richard — I registered but I’ll be stuck in Toronto this weekend — I am a serial registerer (is that a word?) for conferences. You get on the e-mail bumpf list; you’re signed up just in case you end up at the conference; and you get on the mailing list for next year’s conference.

I will, however, be trying to participate virtually, by watching as many Webcasts of the conference session as I can and jumping in on some IRC chats. Now, we’ll be in a real bind if everyone did what Richard and I did, that is, we all registered ready to participate in a virtual way only to find out that only Dave Winer showed up . . .

Kelly ( told me that you were playing the anthem and I was wondering which country’s it would be. Guess this explains it! By the way, you couldn’t pick a better weekend to visit Boston. The weather should be great (partly sunny and 60s both days), the hated Yankees are in town to play the Sox from Friday to Monday, the Beer Summit ( is going on, and the world-famous Boston Marathon ( is on Monday. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you’ve never been to Boston before, I hear there are lots of similarities with Toronto (I dated an Ontario native from Kincardine and my g/f’s roommate went to Queens U.) … so you should feel right at home. Can’t wait to hear the accordion live on Saturday!

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