Pictures from Tony Pierce

Tony Pierce recently posted this

great graphic on his blog. I think that the most interesting thing is

it should appeal to people on throughout most of the political spectrum

(for different reasons, of course):

Vote, you patchouli-reeking hook-smoking bad-poetry-writing long-haried hippy weirdo freak! And hurry up with that venti mocha!

He also posted another photo, this one of another Asian guy who knows

the joys of throwing a hot tub party. Granted, my tub was a little more

“ghetto” than his, but I’ll bet my party rocked a little harder too:

This is a Yahoo News photo. Can anyone tell me what the story behind it was?

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I think this was a picture of a brothel owner in Thailand (? some south-east asian country?) who recently became fed up with paying bribes to the police and who started going public in the media with the amounts that various high-ranking persons in the law-enforcement hierarchy were demanding of his operation. He basically wanted to operate as a legitimate business. The seniority of some of the alleged bribe demanders caused some consternation.

Oh yeah, what makes this actually interesting is that the guy is running for governor of Bankok — on an anti-corruption platform. I think his name is ‘Chuwit’.

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