Even Mars Rovers have their own blogs!


NASA’s making fun of me now with their wake-up music! OMG, I am soooo

dusty and disgusting right now!! I have red grime everywhere,

especially under my abrasion instruments! It’s no wonder I can’t grind

anything! I find evidence of past water, but I can’t even find a puddle

to splash my treads in here! I so need a shower. And a manicure. OMG,

what if Stardust saw me like this?!

And I can’t add all my rover

budz back on LJ without getting some kind of limit exceeded error when

I hit 750! Man, this day has just been awful.

Current Mood: dirty

what a workout!

I took soooo many pictures today. NASA was so bossy. So much for being

a self-directing rover. Put your arm here, Opportunity! Now put it

here! Now put it over there! Take another picture, Opportunity! I never

get to have any fun. But at least I got to watch the eclipse. I haven’t

had a chance to put my pictures up yet, but I hope to soon!!

I’m so wiped out. I’m just gonna veg tonight. I wonder if one of the orbiters could beam me a movie or something.

Current Mood: tired

nya-nyah, sis!
I found water first! Go me!


you haven’t heard from my sister, I’m sure she’s just sulking over the

fact that NASA is so proud of me for finding evidence of water while

she’s just been digging up more boring rocks.

Current Mood: accomplished

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Don’t forget Spirit Rover, now with poetry!

dust under my wheels

dry dust everywhere

i roll through emptiness — not even death

no sedimentary formations

no spherules

no water

my world is null

One of my jobs is giving presentations for NASA on the Rovers. Now, I’ll just point the public to the blogs. :-/

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