It Happened to Me

Nominated for Weblog of the Year!

The 2004 Bloggies site

is really hard to access at the moment, and I suspect that’s because

everyone’s hitting it to see who the nominees are. It took a half-dozen

tries, but I finally managed to get through.

I was just angling for “Best Canadian Weblog”, and was a little

disappointed to find that this blog wasn’t one of the nominees. I

shrugged my shoulders and continued down the list of categories,

reaching “Weblog of the Year” at the end. I almost scrolled right past

it when I saw this sliver of a graphic:

I’d been aiming for “Canadian” and you guys ended up nominating me for

the big hell killer Kahuna category. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For those of you who’ve just come here from the Bloggies site, welcome!

Please note that I switched blogging tools (and URLs) back in July —

entries earlier than July 2003, dating back to November 2001, can be

found at my old blog at

Now that the nominations have been announced. it’s now time for voting.

Voting is done by you, the weblog-reading public at large. All the

nominees are listed on the Bloggies page. Just so you know, the

nominees for “Weblog of the Year” are:

  • BoingBoing: The uber-blog! The blog that got me into blogging, and co-edited by my friend and former boss and co-worker, Cory Doctorow.
  • A very nice personal blog by Joelle.
  • John Howard: Prime Minister: A funny political site that purports to be the blog of Australia’s prime minister.
  • Dooce: Heather Armstrong’s blog. She’s got some pretty astounding stories.
  • Weblog Wannabe: Firda Beka’s blog

and lastly:

  • The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century: Some fool with an accordion who gets into all kinds of trouble. Who does he think he’s trying to fool?

Voting is open right now at the Bloggies page and runs until 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5) on Saturday, January 31st (which happens to be the day I was thinking of throwing another GTABloggers party — more about that later).

Some of my esteemed competition have decided to adopt a “business as

usual” stance — no campaigning, no “vote for me” pleas, no

out-of-the-ordinary posting.

Rest assured, I will not take this route. I’m going to go all-singing,

all dancing, threatening-your-productivity blog wild, because I want to

win, and I want to do it by earning your vote. From now until the 31st,

it’s Bloggie Sweeps Fortnight here at The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century!

Keep watching this blog for all sorts of interesting stuff.

10 replies on “Nominated for Weblog of the Year!”

Already voteed for you. Twice. Um, no, not really. That would be cheating. I wouldn’t have cheated. Especially not in order to vote for you or, which was nominated for best group blog. 🙂

My problem is: I nominated both you and Boing Boing in that category, and both ended up in the final 6. Now I need to choose, and I hate choosing.

But voting closes at 10 PM PST on the 31st, at which point you will probably have a lot of people in your house for a certain blogger party, and you can probably create a last minute voting booth =D


While the other nominees in the “Best Group Weblog” category are quite good, I’d have to say that explores some really Big Questions and therefore gets my vote.

Congrats, already voted for you, but I was a bit disappointed that Blogware didn’t come up in the “best Tool” category.


Totally off topic, but any plans to have email notifications when someone replies to a comment you posted? If not, consider this a feature request 🙂


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