I shall now wedge a song very deeply into your brain

Well, I can’t unless you:

a) have Flash installed on your machine (very likely)

b) go and listen to the song Badger Badger Badger

Listen to this song for one verse, and it’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mush-room mush-room!”

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I stumbled upon this animation a few months ago; my 2-1/2 year old son happened to be in the room as I stared, slack-jawed and drooling, at it. Yeah, you’re right, you just can’t shake it once it’s in your brain. It’s like a train wreck, you don’t wanna look at it, but you can’t help yourself.

To this day, he still asks me if he can watch it. “Momma! Badgerbadger? Pwleeeaase?”

–Kim (Mizzkyttie)

My nephew is the same way about the Thomas the Tank Engine site. He knows that I’m the family’s “computer guy” and whenever he sees me, begs me to “play computer” with him. He sits on my lap, and when I ask him what site he’d like to go to, he invariably says “Thomas an’ fwiends! THOMAS AN’ FWIENDS!

My husband threatens to put a sledgehammer through the computer if I put it on, though he doesn’t seem to get it stuck in his head. The boys are always asking for it though and have been known to go to it themselves during their own computer time.


It’s sad that even just reading this has gotten that stupid song in my head.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I was completely baffled by today’s User Friendly comic until you learned me that. (The UF server seems to be down right now, otherwise I’d like directly to the comic. Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it….)

And, uh, no thank you. I’m not listening to that. If I enslave my head now I may as well give up working for the rest of the day… I gotta keep other music in my ears. 😉

I’ve found the antidote: Song #2 by Blur. Sing a few “woo-hoo’s” and the badgers are banished!

Eldon (not the one you’re thinking of)

Are there any readers from the Ottawa area that have heard the Maroush Shawarma theme song? That’s what this totally reminded me of.

Eldon (the one you are usually thinking of)

You Evil, EVIL, *EVIL* Man!

I hate it, I love it…

now, I am going to inflict it on a co-worker.

He and I play the MEME game with songs, seeing if we can infect the other by humming… a point goes for each successful infection! 🙂

Cheers, P.

I didn’t think of that but.. yeah, it does, kinda. I know what I want for lunch now!

This has got to be one of the biggest sleeper memes of all time. I first saw it a few months ago, sent it to a couple of people who didn’t seem to get it, and now it’s everywhere!

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