Carnival of the Canucks, Part 6: Six Packs of Two-Fours

For you non-Canuckleheads, a “two-four” is the Canadian colloquial term for a case of beer, which holds 24 bottles.

One thing that bothered me as a teenager growing up in the 1980s was what Douglas “Generation X” Coupland later called “legislated nostalgia”. Simply put, it’s being made to feel nostalgic for someone else’s past, and in the eighties, we were having the sixties marketed very strongly to us. The Boomers derided us as the “nowhere generation”, while at the same time, many of them froze themselves in time, maintained a permanent semi-adolescent state and soaked up any opportunity that the “Thirteenth Gen” could’ve used. They ended up raising self-indulgent children with poor impulse control, a few of whom I had the misfortune of dating.

(Speaking of children with poor impulse control, have you seen these dolls that Blork Blog points out?)

(By the way, “south-east Asian”, a.k.a. “oriental”, and “hippie” are almost contradictions in terms, which is one argument for multiculturalism — we’re pretty much Grateful Dead-proof and perhaps your last, best hope against the patchouli-reeking rabble.)

Anyhow, for those of you, who like me chanted “Bring me the head of Jerry Garcia!”, who preferred DM to CSNY, there’s Boomer Deathwatch, a site devoted to the watching boomers bite it. Schadenfreude at its finest.

Boomer Deathwatch is run by Rick McGinnis and Kathy Shaidle (yup, Ms. Relapsed Catholic herself), both of whom I met at David Janes’ warblogger/conservative blogger party in the spring.

Speaking of David Janes, check out his home office. That’s a pretty sweet collection of gear. Maybe we should have some kind of local blogger post-fest where people blog photos of their computer desks.

(By the way, David helped launch The Carnival of the Canucks.)

I’m a slow but passable reader of French, but Karl’s blog helps keep me sharp, and his blogging, like mine, is a mish-mash of geek and life. This week, he attempted animal haiku and talked about how XFN is a big, steaming pile of merde.

Richard, the “gwai lo” in Just a Gwai Lo (that’s “white guy” in Cantonese) asks if low-carb means low-taste. Nope: it’s low-fat that means low-taste. The taste downside to the Atkins diet is that without bread, rice or pasta, there’s not much to sop up the juices and sauces of your meal. He’s another daily read of mine.

Operating system humour. Chris Cummer at found this on Slashdot:

Microsoft: Where do you want to go today?

Apple: Where do you want to go tomorrow?

Linux: Are you guys coming or what?

Although Guile and I disgree about Freddy vs. Jason, (I hated it, he thought it was Citzen Kane), he’s come up with some good advice for those of you who have yet to see Return of the King. When Guile isn’t involved in kinky creamed-corn-wrestling with the lovely Chun Li, he writes some bang-on summaries of what’s been happening on Survivor: Pearl Islands.

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