Slashdot gets a dating service

Well, sort of.

OSDN (Open Source Developer Network), the parent company of the geeky website Slashdot (as well as FreshMeat, SourceForge and now has a branded dating service “powered by”. Here’s the ad:

Photo: OSDN dating ad.

(I like to think that I’m flexible when it comes to dating, but 18 – 35 is a pretty wide range, even for me.)

There you go, Slashdotters — put on a (relatively) clean t-shirt, brush up on your romantic 1337speak, and prepare your best lies for your personal profile! (“I enjoy long moonlit romantic walks…”)

Recommended Reading

Sex Tips for Geeks by sexy libertarian (cough, cough, cough), firearms enthusiast and open source advocate Eric S. Raymond. I have these horrible visions of him narrating the text of this work while simultaneously being the other participant in the Paris Hilton video (safe for work, it’s a newspaper article titled A Culture Gorging on Porn).

3 replies on “Slashdot gets a dating service”

Hmm, my preferred range is 40 to 50.

40 kilos to 50 years, that is.


Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

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