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Merry Stripmas!

Photo: 'Merry Stripmas' poster.

Meryle informs me that she will be making her professional burlesque debut tonight at the Silver Dollar Room (prominently featured as the blues bar in Adventures in Babysitting):

Meryle will be making her Toronto professional burlesque debut this friday at the Silver Dollar Room (486 spadina ave, just north of college) in Skin Tight Outta Sight’s Merry Stripmas. Doors open at 9pm show starts at 10:30pm but come out early or you may not get in. (us naked ladies are quite popular!) Door is $10 (sorry I’m only allowed one guestlist spot and that goes to either the boyfriend, or megan). Meryle will be performing in a number called You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile, as well as the naughty I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

If you’re in Accordion City tonight and want to ogle the “Hot Tub Girl” from my birthday party in the flesh (arf arf!), you know where to go.

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The hotel above the Silver Dollar is also featured in the opening chapters of Elmore Leonard’s “Killshot”.

Will you do StripHannukah or StripRamadan in the near future? Or would it be to offensive to Jews and Muslims?

If so, why do you prosecute the Christians?

I don’t think it’s persecution, and I’m Christian myself.

There is one difference between Christmas and other holidays at this time of the year — it’s that it’s just a part of secular culture as it is Christian culture. Note the poster: it’s the secular Christmas theme with which they are working.

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