Asking the big questions

My favourite neocalvinist, Gideon Strauss, isn’t afraid to ask some Pretty Big Questions. It’s food for thought, and stuff like this is why I like reading him so much.

If only he were into gangsta rap. Then I could buy him two brass knuckles — one with the word FAITH and the other with the word REASON (along the lines of “Radio Raheem’s” LOVE and HATE brass knuckles in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing). I think they’d suit him. He could even use them to bang loudly on his desk when his students aren’t paying attention.

2 replies on “Asking the big questions”

Mr. DeVilla: That would be great to wear to the first day of class. I could lay down a bass beat and rap battle taunts from Homer. Not Simpson, that is.

I think St. Augustine would’ve been a good rapper:

Jesus is Da Man, He be mah winnin’ bet

Keep me from the booty, Lord…but not yet!

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