It Happened to Me

And you thought it was windy *outside*!

Updated Thursday, November 13th 2003 at 14:51 EST: The original title was The Return Salvo, but then I thought up a cleverer one.

Kathy “Relapsed Catholic” Shaidle has a hilarious response to my “J. Jonah Jameson” post which in turn was in response to her “What ash-heap of history?” post.

My favourite line:

Anyway: I can now retire from blogging,having been called ‘over the top’ by a guy who sticks giant illegal hot tubs on wheels in his yard.

C’mon. Kathy, you were invited. David, tell her how much fun you had at the party.

Because of that “illegal hot tub”, I effectively employed a ne’er-do-well from Mississauga (without this hot tub business, I’m sure HotTubMobile Neil would be robbing gas stations in Bramalea), a couple of guys at the Upper Canada Brewery, a handful of people at Loblaws, the entire second shift at the Frito-Lay Coporation, Ontario Power Generation, the people who extract and bottle Natural Gas, two police officers, and maybe — I will neither confirm nor deny this — some employee at Zig Zag Inc. I made people happy and I contributed to the economy; what could be more conservative than that? If hot tubs are wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Thanks, Kathy, and I’ll cobble together a worthy response later, once I’ve gotten some work done.

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Kathy’s my new favourite crazy person.

I like it that she cites the New York Post in her response to you. I’m sure they also have an article in their archives accusing Lindsay of collaborating with the aliens … it’s the Post, after all. “Here’s my opinion, and here’s an article from the World Weekly News to back it up!”

But I don’t think it’s fair to compare Miller with a progressive from 30 years ago. Lindsay is more comparable to John Sewell of the 70s and John Sewell isn’t that John Sewell any more. Times change, people change. Their hair falls out.

Yes, I think Miller is going to do things Shaidle doesn’t like. No, I don’t think he’s going to bankrupt the city.

I also liked this one:

Oh, wait, I forgot: logic isn’t important when you’re debating, either.

She’s not being sarcastic! Read her blog! Logic isn’t one of Kathy’s strengths. But she’s worth reading because she offends and take offense in equal proportions. The secret formula for fun!

Ok, gotta go walk the dog …

I’m still wrestling with how a hot tub can be considered illegal. I’ve checked my copy of the criminal code and there’s nothing in it about relaxing, soothing, bubbling tubs of sexy passion. Unlawful assembly perhaps; bathing simply isn’t in there.

Late night noise violations are a matter of local by-laws. Nothing illegal there either.

Perhaps Kathy only likes taking showers. Her outlook on life may change with a good, long soak with friends.

To be fair, she’s quoting The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research quoting the New York Post. Maybe that’s splitting hairs, but the Institute will naturally quote a wide range of publications that back their opinions.

Having met her in real life at David Janes’ warblogger/poliblogger bash back in May, I will attest to the fact that she’s quite personable. I like to think of her as the Don Cherry of religion and ethics.

yes but the probom was open alcohol in a vehicle, since we were all drinking in the tub part of the truck. that was still considered in the vehicle, thus the illegalness came into play.

P.s. Joey, Erik and I were talking about this and he sent me to the daily howler and we had a little laugh going through their posts debuncking EVERYTHING Ann said. my favorite being this one about regan

I have trepidations about every politician too, but to compare Miller being Mayor of Toronto in 2003 to Lindsay taking on the task of New York in the mid sixties is ridiculous. Not to mention that her claims of New York being “ruined” by Lindsay are highly exaggerated. New York was on it’s way to ruination long before Lindsay. They had been in debt since the Great Depression and although th New Deal helped get the country back on it’s feet, New York’s pattern of overspending continued. Mounting racial tensions within the city were largely due in part to people like Robert Moses who cleared the slums, divided neighbourhoods that took away existing businesses, and forcing blacks into “the projects” that further ghettoized them. Industry and the middle class move out and hey there goes your tax base. Tack on the Vietnam War and you can forget about anymore federal funding to create jobs. Entire neighbourhoods become redlined and arson becomes rampant as a result. What is a poor beleagured Mayor to do?

Relapsed Catholic claims “speculation based upon historical facts” makes her fear Miller. The demise of the inner city after inner city and the resulting urban sprawl can be speculated based upon historical fact as well, and it is precisely Miller’s understanding of this that made me vote for him.

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