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At last, the birthday hot tub photos!

I’ve been getting email asking for photos from the hot tub all day, so here they are!

First, a look at the Hot Tub Truck from the side:

And now, from the back. That’s Michelle Turingan flipping the bird. As you’ll see in later pictures, she likes to do that.

For the rest of the photos, click here or on the picture below:

8 replies on “At last, the birthday hot tub photos!”

I assume you mean me. Hi! I’m Meryle. I’m Joey’s friend. Met him at kickass karaoke earlier this year. Actually, met him last year at blow up but we didn’t become friends until kickass karaoke. Those who read the blog regularly are familiar with my name. My blog is

Since I’m poor my gifts to Joey this year (other then the bottle of Jagermiester that was from me and my boyfriend Erik, who is another kickass karaoke devote) were me in a bikini, and Russian hat, boob poses/permission to post boob poses, and me singing Joey by Concrete Blonde at Kickass karaoke.

Hopefully that is a sufficient story.

Hi Meryle, I’m Jim. It’s nice to put a face with a name. I stumbled onto Joey’s blog a few months back and have thoroughly enjoyed following his exploits. From the photos, it looks like this was a birthday bash for the ages. And by the way, nice hat.

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