While searching for some web-based information on contributions made to the candidates for the race to become Accordion City’s next mayor, I stumbled across a Flash-based game called Whack the Mayor. As the name suggests, it’s a “Whack-a-Mole” style of game featuring the candidates. What makes the game interesting is that there’s more than just candidate-whacking; the game is also a question-and-answer session. The candidates are all asked a question, and then you move your whacking hammer over each candidate’s head to see a satirically-played-up answer. You whack the candidate whose answer you like least, after which another question appears, and the cycle is repeated until one candidate remains.

To make things more interesting, the game keeps track of the last candidate standing for each visitor, so it’s an unofficial opinion poll of sorts. Here are the results as of 9:45 pm EST on Thursday, November 6, 2003:

Candidate % of time candidate
was last one standing
% of time candidate
was first one whacked
John Tory 35.6 15.5
David Miller 32.1 17.7
Barbara Hall 17.5 28.9
John Nunziata 8.4 16.4
Tom Jakobek 6.5 21.5

The results are pretty close to what actual polls seem to be showing, except that when last I checked, Miller had the lead, followed by Tory. The other three candidates seem to be doing as well as their whack-a-candidate counterparts.

In observance of the convention that’s being practiced by other Accordion City blogs, I’m tagging this blog entry with the Last Chance City button linking to its namesake, Rick McGinnis’ excellent blog on the mayoral election.

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