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I am the Keymaker

It dawned on me that with the exception of the card-dealer’s visor, I had everything I needed to go as “The Keymaker” from The Matrix Reloaded for Hallowe’en:

Photo: Randall Duk Kim as 'The Keymaker' from 'The Matrix Reloaded'.

A quick trip to the dollar store later, I had a visor and some extra-long keychains to complete the outfit. To be faithful to the character (and partially just to appease Dad just this once — I don’t think he’s ever been a fan of it), I shaved off my goatee. A substitution of the contact lenses for an old pair of coke-bottle glasses, a change of posture and an expression assisted by lack of sleep the night before, and you get an older man with the keys that can lead Neo to “The Source”:

Photo: Joey deVilla as 'The Keymaker' from 'The Matrix Reloaded'.

Yeesh. That’s just damned scary. I look ten years older. I could probably get a job in a convenience store looking like that: “Dis no ribarry! You read magazine, you buy, round-eye!”

Here’s a slightly better photo of me, taken by Melanie at Dorian’s Hallowe’en party:

Photo: Joey deVilla as 'The Keymaker' from 'The Matrix Reloaded'.

And here’s one of Dorian and me at the same party:

Photo: Dorian Logan as a pirate and Joey deVilla as 'The Keymaker' from 'The Matrix Reloaded'.

I think I look much better with the goatee — it appears that my face needs some kind of frame. Thankfully, it’ll grow back quickly. The photographic evidence above also explains why I never wear glasses anymore.

Perhaps I should direct your attention to entries with better photographs of me.

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Wow! I almost don’t recognize you with a naked face. And I’ve only met you twice, in the same weekend! Hee.

– The Redhead

Yeah i was wondering what was missing form your face. Actually it’s not that glasses look bad on you, it’s those frames.

Ah, the ugly glasses.

They were an emergency purchase made in San Francisco in 1997. I’d broken my contact lens (I wear rigid gas-permeable lenses) and without corrective eyewear, I’m as blind as bat. I picked out that pair at the Lenscrafters on Market Street and actually got them within an hour of getting my prescription dteermined!

I should probably get a new pair of stay-at-home reading glasses, seeing as that prescription is six years out of date.

“Carol Example” is one of my Blogware user alter-egos, which I use for examples in the Blogware help files. I forgot to log out as her.

Carol has an sister named Alice and a brother named Bob.

i must mention that the shirt that i (dorian) am wearing is saggy…not a protruding tummy,

thanks for coming by.


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