Didn’t someone tell them that I’m mayor of Accordion City for life?

But seriously, folks: the Toronto mayoral elections are just a week away. If you’re eligible to vote, read up on the issues, pick your candidate and cast your ballot next Monday.

And now, some quick random observations:

I know that my friend Deenster’s boyfriend Chris is working for a mayoral candidate’s campaign, but I can’t remember whom. Prior to that, he worked for an NDP campaign in our recent provincial elections, so my guess is that he’s shilling for one of the more looney-tunes candidates.

(I kid, Chris, I kid. But seriously, NDP? Hippie. 😉 )

Rick McGinnis has made an election blog for Accordion City called Last Chance City, featuring the opinions of some local bloggers.

Brett Lamb’s got some clever cartoons about the candidates and the issues.

Kathy Shaidle, author of the blog Relapsed Catholic seems to have switched to a different brand of Catholicism than the one I’m familiar with. She’s somewhere between Supply Side Jesus and Gated Community Jesus. She writes:

I attended a Tory women’s-only fundraiser last week, and while he was a little too “multi-culti” for my tastes, I think he will do something about homelessness (if the Poverty Professionals let him) and the mess we call downtown.

Ooh, dissing them dirty furriners and the poor in a single sentence! One can almost picture Kathy flipping Strong Bad’s “Double Deuce” while entering that pithy statement in the keyboard.

Another entry from her blog makes me feel like I’m committing skincrime just being here:

I hear Miller is a big hypocrite (surprise!). He told Yonge & Eg residents he opposed the Minto scheme, then went and supported it behind their backs. More union-loving tactics? Anyway, Miller’s new best friend is arch-NIMBY RFK, Jr — must be where he’s learning his two-faced tricks.

Do you really want a giant Kwanzaa candelabra at City Hall this December? Think about it mentally…

I feel your pain, Kathy. Ever since my family came to this country, we’ve gotten nothing but shit from the immigrants.

In case you’re trying to suss out my political leanings, yopu might be interested to note that according to the Christian Science Monitor’s “Are You a NeoCon?” test, I tested positive for realist.

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