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I don’t ask questions, I just shoot video

Here’s a video (820K QuickTime) from my friend Dorian’s Hallowe’en party last night. These two lovely ladies are demonstrating “The Running Man” dance:

Still frame: Two women in costume demonstrating the 'Running Man' dance.

(Click the still frame above to see the video.)

10 replies on “I don’t ask questions, I just shoot video”

you know what would be great is to do a documentary of what dances people remember from their youth. Just normal people on the street, in clubs or at parties.

Actually a good friend of mine was suggesting the idea of making a doc on hip hop culture in small towns in Ontario (the whole “hoser hop” concept) this could be a part of it I think.

Just make it a little more abrasive and demeaning and you could get work as the behind the camera commentator for amateur porn.

Not at all what I imagined you’d sound like — much deeper than expected (don’t ask me why).

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