Birthday party announcement

Evite seems to have failed to send my invitations, so I’m going to announce the party here and email my friends later today.

I’m having a joint party — it my 36th birthday and Ashley Bristowe’s something-or-anotherth birthday party on Saturday, November 8th. The fun starts at nine-ish, and the last guest crawled out at almost 7 a.m.. If you know me, you’re invited.

Pictures from last year’s festivities are here.

This year, I’m working on securing the Hot Tub Truck, which I’ve mentioned here and here. Bring a towel and a bathing suit. The truck will be outdoors, so bring something warm to wear between your jaunts from the house to the truck.

I’ll be providing food and some alcohol and mix, but please bring some to contribute to the bathtubs. Like last year, both bathtubs will be full of ice and hold all the bottled drinks.

Dancing always breaks out. This year, we’re going to simplify life for the volunteer DJs and rely on good old iTunes. If you have any requests for music selection, let me know in the comments.

I’m always up for new party ideas, so if you have any, leave them in the comments!

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“This year, we’re going to simplify life for the volunteer DJs and rely on good old iTunes. If you have any requests for music selection, let me know in the comments. ”

WHA! WAHAHA! BBWWAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAAA!!! OH YES! I’ll give suggestions! oh the sugestions I will give!!!

A subsequent check with Evite shows that my post never made it to their servers, so everyone’s been saved.

!!!!! where’d my other list go? well her’s some other stuff you need

Gogol bordello � start wearing purple

Chara – Yasashii kimochi

Judy and Mary � music fighter

Puffy � Asia no Junshin

Ua � jounetsu, milk tea, skirt no suna, and most other Ua songs are good chill music

Hide – pink spider,

The streets � sharp darts, too much brandy, don�t mug yourself, who got the funk, the irony of it all

if you ant’ find some of that stuff I have it all on my computer so email me.

If you have a hankering for a UK Hard House or Hard Trance DJ at your party, lemme know and I can bring my decks. Cool meeting you tonight, yo.

Gamma Fodder (

Gonzales – Take me to Broadway

The sounds � Seven days a week, Hit me

Goldfrapp � Train, (various other songs from her new album Black cherry)

Kings of Leon � Red Morning Light

Killer Mike � A.D.I.D.A.S. (But I�m sure you have this!)

Billy Lee Rilley � Red hot

Bobby Conn � Rise up now, Angels

Boney M � Rasputin

Roxy Music � Virginia Plain

DEtriot Cobras – I�ll keep on Holding on

Dolly Parton � Jolene

Elvis Prestly � Devil in disguise, viva las vegas

Engelbert Humperdink � Quando quando

Lots of Blondie

Gene Pitney � every breath I take

Har Mar superstar � EZ pass, Power lunch

Lots of stooges

International noise consperisy � capitalism stole my virginity

Justin timberlake � rock your body (Ladies love Justin, even me!!)

L�trimm � cars that go boom, grab it

Lots of ludicris

Mclusky � lightsabre cock sucking blues


Peaches � fuck the pain away

Super furry animals � rings around the world, god! Show me magic

Strongbad techno song –

Spirit of the west � Venice is sinking (just don�t play it when I�m really drunk or I�ll cry!)

Spooky ruben � these days are old

Stereo total – j�aime l�amore a trios

Stevie wonder � sir duke (and other stevie wonder songs)

Sugababes vs Dr Dre � overload forgot about dre

The darkness – I believe in a thing called love (for robin)

The rapture � house of jealous lovers

Electric 6 � Danger high voltage (jack white is in this song)

They might be giants � bangs

Tom jones lots of tom jones

Yeah yeah yeahs

As you know, Joey, it just so happens to be my 26th birthday on November 10th! So I will have help you celebrate your birthday by bringing some lovely alcohol, while also thoughtfully celebrating my birthday by drinking yours. See? It all works out. Ain’t friendship grand?

Now because there is a hot tub involved, I may have to dress in layers, so I can slowly peel them off one by one while I gradually descend into the hot tub vapours, inch by inch and drink by drink… I do hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Heh.

As for music…well…Abba, Avenue D, Aerosmith, Bowie, The Cure, THE DARKNESS!, Deep Purple, Dimitri From Paris, The Faint, Fischerspooner, GN’R, Iggy, KMFDM, Madonna, M. Manson, Ministry, NIN, Peaches, Pet Shop Boys, The Pixies, Prince, Queen…and maybe some Cabaret and Hedwig and Rocky Horror? What? It’s not MY party, you say?…

Blame my poor reading skills. But largely academic, unless you plan on moving it to Vancouver.

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