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A little goodwill, please

I’m worried about my Dad, who’s in the hospital at the moment.

Dad was the recipient of a kidney donated by his sister last year. To ensure that his body doesn’t reject this replacement hardware, he takes drugs to suppress his immune system. The price that he pays for an extended lease on life is that these drugs effectively turn him into a human analogue of Microsoft Windows: he’s vulnerable to infections of all sorts, and sometimes I just want to scream at the Manufacturer, who conveniently has a monopoly on this sort of thing.

He came down with a fever this weekend, and he’s now in the hospital with some kind of infection that’s manifested itself in his toe. This is no way to start a retirement; I was looking forward to taking him out to lunch regularly, not visiting him in the hospital.

If you’re the praying type, please throw in a good word for him (especially if you happen to be the coolest priest I know) or slay a chicken or goat for him if that’s your bag. If you’re not the praying sort, maybe you can spare a kind thought. Hey, if you’re into Feng Shui, could you perhaps straighten a picture or move your coffee table a couple of inches for his speedy recovery?

Thanks, folks.

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I knew clicking on “ordain me” on the Universal Life Church website years ago would pay off. I’ve put in a fast-track request to set things right ASAP. Your dad is in good hands!

Best wishes, and strength to your father.

I visit the sick at our local hospital, so you could say I’ve been pumping iron for this kind of thing. I’ll pray for your Dad. Take care of yourself, too! Whenever I or a family member gets sick with something strange it makes me a little paranoid, as if I’ve nearly been hit by a falling piano — I think, “Have I suddenly been transferred into some sinister Warner Brothers cartoon universe?”

— Lisa Williams in Watertown

I’ve had a lot of practice lately too. It’s a tough time, for some reason. Too many people hurting.

At any rate, lots of good thoughts to you and your dad.

– The Redhead

Sending positive vibes to your Dad and you. Hoping for a speedy recovery and many lunches out on the town soon.

I have been of the opinion that all the good luck, that I have not been recieving for the last few years, is best being given to other people. This could have been a great week but it wasn’t so all that good luck will be directed your dad’s way. Speedy recovery Accordian Senior!

tbit anon

Consider it done. Goodwilll, and prayers are now being sent to you and your family.

Joshua in Virginia USA

Hey, guys, thanks for all your prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, slain goats and moved couches! Much appreciated.

Been there a couple of times, so I know what it feels like. I really hope everything goes all right for your dad.

Best wishes, Javier.-

Dude I feel your pain. My granddad’s in the hospital right now. Although they’ve lowered his medication I think his stay might be indefinite. But trust me I know what it’s like and I’m here for ya. *adds Mr DeVilla to his prayer list*.

Aw baby I feel for ya, and I’m here for you if you need me. Whats your dads name? I’ll send it off to my mom, and my minester, and get them to pray for him at church on sunday.

Joey, I hope your Dad ends up getting well quickly so that you can start buying him all those lunches he deserves. My thoughts are with him, you, and your family.

Shelley aka Burningbird


I was just speaking about your Dad with Mrs. K last Saturday, or she was talking to me about your Dad. I stood beside your father while he yanked my niece out of my sister-in-law. Awwwww, sweet, I know.

Mrs. K told me cute stories about when you were a little boy, she says you still remember the song you wrote about Isabel when you were a wee git. She also hates the accordion (hee hee).

I hope your father is feeling better and that your Mom is doing ok too.



Hi, Joan!

Yup, I still remember the song. It’s called “Skipping”, and it’s a waltz in the key of C.

As for Mrs. K. not being into the accordion, well, that’s just ’cause you probably can’t escape from the accordion in her home country of Bulgaria. She does like my organ and piano playing, however.

Hee hee, The Accordion is for Peasants! Mrs K did say that she loves your piano playing and took the time to tell me what a genius you are, and what a wonderful guy you are, I told her not to forget to tell me how handsome you are too. I think she may have a crush on you Joey, look out. A Bulgarian accent is hard to resist.

Isabel says hi too.

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