THIS is why I dropped out of engineering

Actually, the reason I dropped out was because I failed out, ranked 430th out of 431 in my class. #431, wherever you are, I owe you a beer!

Photo: Bulletin board featuring smiling teen with text 'It's my FUTURE! I want to be an can WAIT!'

Click on the image above to see the whole photo. Thanks, Ejovi!

8 replies on “THIS is why I dropped out of engineering”

Not even sex can compare with the satisfaction of solving a second order differential equation representing a particularly nasty RLC circuit by hand…

I can’t even type that with a straight face.

Damn… they lied to us about what “integration” meant… and I was looking forward to triple integrals…

Integration seems to have entirely different emotional meaning to the profs than it does to students. I swear my calc prof quivered the first time we did triple integrals… and he was positively giddy when we started spherical coordinates.

Wait, so if I have sex I can’t be an engineer?

I didn’t know the entry requirements were so strict!

So are all the nuns in the world engineers then?

Thats what the habits are for! Hiding slide rulers!


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