The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed

We’re still a little short on diversity at tech conferences. Here’s a snippet of a conversation about BloggerCon between me and Ejovi Nuwere that we had on Joi Ito’s IRC channel earlier today:

<ejovi> were you the asian guy with the accordion at joi’s dinner?

<AccordionGuy> That was me.

<ejovi> ah, cool. i was the black guy.

One reply on “The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed”

I don’t know if we could take too many Asian guys with accordions in one conference. Could get a little acoustically challenging.

Did you see Oliver Willis’ post about BloggerCon? Here’s the salient passage:

During one of the Saturday sessions a member of the audience referred to the assembled crowd as “utopia”. Now, yes, I loved the blog camaraderie but quite frankly I don’t want to be the only black person in utopia. I was the only black person in that room, and was one of a few minorities. I’m not whining about that, but simply stating the fact that a technology that is mostly the pursuit of upper middle class white males does diddly to change the real world.

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