Yeah, but half an orbit later, they’ll be hungry again

According to this news report, not only will the Chinese be launching their first taikonaut into space, they’ll also be launching the first Chinese food* into space:

“They’ll be able to eat shredded pork with garlic sauce and kungpao chicken,” said. “It will be more tasty than Western food. After the meal, green tea will be available to increase the astronaut’s spirits.”

D’you think the taikonauts will read their fortune cookies and then add “…in space”?

* No, I don’t count Laika as Chinese food.

One reply on “Yeah, but half an orbit later, they’ll be hungry again”

That’s a lot of trash, if it’s all coming in the same little boxes and containers, man. And aren’t those little wiry bits a space danger or something? Plus nobody has conclusively proven you can get chopstick action in space anyway.

I picture little globules of SpaceSoySauce, fleeting about the cabin, chased by taikonauts with chopsticks and jetpacks. If they aren’t caught, the motherland might just execute their families or thrown them in jail or whatever they do there.

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