ThirtySexy: Your first warning

Mark it on your calendars: Saturday, November 8th, 2003.

My friend from Crazy Go Nuts University, Ashley Bristowe and I have the same birthday: November 5th. We’ve had three joint birthday parties before and we’re doing it again. It’ll be my 36th and Ashley’s I-don’t-know-whath. It will be held at my swanky house, and given the current situation, it will probably be the last party of mine held there.

My estimate is that at peak, we had 120 people in the house at my last birthday party. If you’re really looking to procrastinate at work, you’ll enjoy the series of photos taken at that bash.

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Oh. My. God.

Becherovka. You’re holding a bottle of Becherovka!

We have an unopened bottle of Becherovka in our bar, which we brought back from a trip to Austria and Slovakia nearly two years ago.

My cousin-in-law Maria and her mother swear there is no better cure for an upset stomach, but I’ve not been willing to test that theory. (Especially after having tasted it there…that’s some strong mofo medicine.

A friend of mine once described the taste of Becherovka as “grass clippings in alcohol”. Even though it’s an apt description, I rather like the stuff, but then again, I think Jagermeister tastes good too.

I bought that bottle of Becherovka in January 2000, a couple of days after the best New Year’s Eve party I’ve ever attended, held in a little castle an hour’s drive east of Prague.

We killed the bottle that night, which I must say fits the bill for my second or thrid-best birthday party ever.

(If you must know, my best birthday party ever was a date. Yup, I went on a date on my birthday once. And yup, the date went quite well, thankyouverrahmuch.)

If you’re interested in wasted time and good at ratiocinating stories in your head based on pictures arranged in chronological order, may I suggest you check out my New Years’ 2000 photos?

One of my best friends growing up shares your birthday. She happens to be one of the few I still actually keep in touch with. She’ll be celebrating her 28th birthday, which means I’ve known her for over 22 years.

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