My BloggerCon itinerary


6:50 a.m.: US Airways flight — Accordion City / Pittsburgh / Boston. You shave $100 off the ticket by stopping over and switching planes in Pittsburgh.

10:50 a.m.: Land in Boston

12 noon: I should be at my hotel, HOTEL@MIT by now!

Afternoon: I can’t afford the US$500 for Day 1, so I’m going to enjoy the afternoon with whoever wants to enjoy it with me. Hopefully Skadz will be able to catch up with me for some Guinness.

Evening: Several BloggerCon dinners take place, each one hosted by a prominent blogger. I will be at AKMA’s dinner.

Late evening: Hijinks of one sort or another. Who’s with me?


9:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.: Day 2 of BloggerCon. Attending various seminars, demonstrating Blogware, playing accordion.

Afterwards: More hijinks. Who wants to join me?


11:30 a.m.: US Airways flight — Boston / Pittsburgh / Accordion City.

If anyone wants to reach me, I’ll have my laptop, but the best way is via cell: (416) WIT-N-HIP.

One reply on “My BloggerCon itinerary”

Would have loved to meet you. I am an Accordian City transplant in Bean Town, who happens to be very familiar with the company that designed Tucows office in A.C. I have a long standing engagement in NYC this weekend… damn!

Might I suggest the Other Side cafe for some sipping and Guiness action? It’s on the Boston side of the Charles, at the intersection of Newbury and Massachusetts Ave. It’s a very nice spot and given the upscale nature of some of Boston/Cambridges watering holes, it’s the antithesis. Think Sneaky’s. There’s also the Rivergods in Cambridge that is pretty good.

I’ll be around Sunday, if you’re there (other side) I’ll notice.


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