Attention Ontario residents

Today’s the day of the provincial elections. Vote early, vote often.

Even my housemate Paul, who is American and got a work visa earlier this year, is eligible to vote. He did the responsible thing last night, asking the table at Squirly’s bar: “So, who should I vote for?”

Deenster replied by telling him he should vote NDP (New Democratic Party, the mainstream left-wing party).

Warning: Prejudices of a hard-working first-generation Asian immigrant raised by two doctors follow. If you majored in English, Political Science or Philosophy or and are on anti-mood-swing drugs, take them now.

I like to joke that NDP voters tend to be the sort of people who have great disdain for working professionals like myself, as they are often neither working nor professionals. Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to major in underwater basket-weaving, kids.

End of career/class snobbery/a little kidding around. We now resume normal blogging.

I voted Liberal, if you really must know.

My prediction for the outcome, which is generally what everyone else is predicting: Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party will win. Right-wing voters will bemoan the slide of the province to the left, left-wing voters will carp about the ownership of politics by the right. The sun will still rise tomorrow morning, and the accordion will remain the world’s most sexy-yet-underappreciated instrument.

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