Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…*WHAM*

“Dogs have masters,” my ex-girlfriend Erica, a cat owner, used to say. “Cats have staff.”

If dogs could write poetry, they’d write stuff like this:

You’re my best friend

You’re my best friend

You’re my best friend

Is it dinner yet?

Or this gem:

Are you gonna eat that?

Are you gonna eat that?

Are you gonna eat that?

I think I’ll eat that.

Cats, on the other hand, would this poesy of this variety:

I hate you.

Now feed me.

To many people, and in this case when I say “people”, I mean “lonely, bitter shut-ins”, cats are ideal, independent low-maintenance companions. To me, cats are The Other White Meat.

In spite of this, Boss Ross and I have declared — for no other reason than for the hell of it, we swear — that Friday is the First Annual Post a Picture of a Cat to Your Blog day.

Personally, I think that pictures of cats should be perceived as damage by the Internet and should be routed around. However, the vast majority of Internet people seem to like cats, especially those who write weblogs. Weblogging is so associated with cat pictures that O’Reilly and Associates, publishers of computer books with woodcuttings of animals on the covers, saw fit to put a picture of cats on their book on blogging:

Photo: Cover of O'Reilly's 'Essential Blogging'.

So don’t forget, folks: post a picture of a cat to your blog this Friday!

(You don’t have post a cutesy one either. Feel free to go all Lee Harvey Oswald if you like.)

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My unexpectedly pleasant conversation with John C. Dvorak. Dvorak’s response to my saying that the choice of cat for cover animal on O’Reilly’s book was all his fault. (Okay, it’s really in response to me calling him PC Magazine’s “Resident Asshole”.)

4 replies on “Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…*WHAM*”

Damn you! Cats are awesome!!! As cat people Erik and I shall join forces to mend you of your foolish ways!!!

Another take on dogs v. cats:

All dogs, from weiners up to great danes are three meals away from knocking you to the ground and eating you like the barely domesticated wolves they are.

All cats, regardless of breed, are three meals away from walking away to find something better.

There’s a reason I like cats, why do you ask?

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