Quotes of the week

Jewish Buddha is the weblog of a law student who’s studying in Washington, DC. He’s currently looking for articling jobs, and if you happen to be someone with hire/fire authority at a law firm, you may want to give his resume a look, as he seems to be a pretty nice guy.

(Hmmm. Maybe that’s not what law firms are looking for. )

Anyhow, two lines from his weblog jumped out at me. Here’s the first, which is about salaries:

Proof that law students live in a different world: We say things like, “Yeah, I was thinking of working there until I realized they only pay first-year associates $110,000,” without a trace of irony.

Remember, that amount is in real US dollars, not “Canadian Snow Pesos”.

The second, on the absolving power of “hotness”, if one possesses sufficient amounts thereof:

“She’s not nearly hot enough to be half as annoying as she is.” — my roommate, TV Critic genius.

Jewish Buddha, your roomate and my roomate should get their own TV critique show.

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