Best. eBay Auction. Ever.

The actual item up for bid the eBay auction in question is ordinary:

Motorola V60i cellphone <AT&T only>

Brand new and in the box still!!! AT&T Digital multi-network phone, battery, charger and headset. Look stylish using this sleek and compact aluminum finish phone. Have fun with 3 built in games. Stay connected with up to 4 hours talktime and 192 hours of standby time. 32 built in ring tones. Text messaging. Voice activated dialing.

What sets it apart is the photo. (Warning: Slightly racier than what you’d find in MAXIM. May or may not be safe for work.)

My reactions:

  • “Have fun with three built in games”? I only see two! (Someone on IRC said “The third game is out-of-frame”.)
  • How much for just the cradle?

(Thanks to pr00f for the link.)

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