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Friday is accordion video day!

Yup, a new feature on The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century: Accordion Video Day!

Every Friday, I will post a video of an accordion performance. It might be of a cover tune or an original song. It might be topical, or perhaps it’ll be something I felt like doing. The two things I guarantee are:

  • It will play in a teeny-weeny 160-by-120 pixel window. This is so that the file size won’t be too large. I don’t want to overload the Blogware server, and I want people who connect to the ‘Net via dial-up to enjoy the fun without having to wait forever.
  • It will be short. I’ll be using my Nikon Coolpix SQ to record the video, and no matter how large a memory card you put in it, it has a maximum limit of 40 seconds per video. I may make longer videos by doing some clever iMovie splicing, but generally, I want these to be single-take projects. Think of it as a mini-Dogme 95 kind of thing.

This week’s accordion video is a tribute to Pulling Out All the Stops, the nude accordionist calendar put out to raise money by the St. John’s Arts Council at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival this past weekend.

My favourite part of the article is a missed double-entendre:

Accordion players of all ages are featured: the youngest is 19 while the oldest are senior citizens, including Mr. September, Frank Maher.

“They were saying ‘Frank, are you beating off the women?'” Maher laughed.

I would, if I were him.

To celebrate this great milestone in the upward trending of the accordion, I have decided that the I would perform the first accordion video naked. Then I decided I’d look even better if I wore my Famous Cowboy Hat. Then I decided that the most appropriate song would be Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time. And all this was decided while I was sober!

Three takes later, I had a keeper.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Britney, naked. I mean, I’m naked. But doing Britney. I mean, as a cover. (And yes, the video actually is safe for work.)

Click the photo to see the video (QuickTime, 544K).

Thanks to the dozen people who emailed me about the nude accordion calendar. Extra special thanks to Elliot Noss, the CEO of Tucows, the company for which I work, for taking time out of his busy day to seek me personally, just to tell me about the nude accordion calendar. (I’m still on my three-month probationary period and I know he reads this blog, so I figure it might be a good idea to kiss some ass.)

I’m taking requests for next Friday’s accordion video. If you have any ideas, comment away!

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