Angsty comics for you to enjoy / The "worst dates ever" story cometh!


If you haven’t checked out Small Stories, the Web site of comic artist Derek Kirk Kim, do so! It’s full of kimchi-spicy Korean-American Gen-X “why can’t I get a date” hilarity, pathos and angst.

Derek’s most recent comic series, Same Difference, has just concluded. He’s taking a short break while working on other projects, but luckily for us, his brother Brent has stepped in by providing scans of a comic he made years ago, Rumors. Take a gander at a slice of this story (“based on true events!”) and Brent’s quirky comic style:

Graphic: Sample from Brent Kirk's 'Rumors' net comic.

A helluva lot of information in just six panels! Check out the mondo graphic expressiveness — even the backgrounds help tell the story by illustrating Brent’s mental state.

Okay, so they’re not brand new, but they’re still a good read.

Speaking of old stories getting a new lease on life…

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll remember that I promised you folks a recounting of my worst dates ever if enough of you nominated me for a Bloggie award. I didn’t make the nominations but announced that I’d run the story anyway, just to say thanks for all your support.

The first entry of that story appears tomorrow. Set your story calendars to the year 1999…

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