Client meeting

Remember the client from this blog entry?

Here’s how last night’s phone conversation with him went. I was calling to let him know that I was going to be at his office in half an hour to install some new software I’d written for him

Me: Hey, H., it’s Joey. I’ll be over at your office in about half an hour. You’ll like what I’ve got for —

H.: Yo, buddy — [the rest lost in background noise]

The background has the sound of dozens of voices, male and female, some shouting and the clinking of glass.

Me: Can you speak, up, H.? I can’t hear you over the noise. You in a bar?

H.: Speak up, Joe! I can hardly hear you!

Me: I said, “Are you in a bar?”

H.: Yeah, I am. I’m celebrating! Me [garbled] broke up but [garbled] back on again [garbled] party [garbled] day off.

By now it’s obvious that the meeting’s going to be called off.

H.: So dude, let’s not meet tonight. How ’bout tomorrow at 5?

Me: Let me check.

I tap some keys my computer’s keyboard. This is a little phone conversation trick. I’m not actually looking anything up — I already know that I’m being interviewed by a marketing research firm at 5.

It’s just a phone tactic that:

a) gives me a few seconds to think before I commit to anything

b) makes me look really organized in front of the client

It’s doubtful he’ll hear it over the din at the bar, anyway.

Me: No good — I have a meeting with a marketing research firm then. How ’bout, say…(more tapping on the keyboard, I already know that I should be free by 8)…8?

H.: 8 is good. In fact, I’ll pick you up [garbled] — moe.

Me: It’s not a problem — you’re way out in Etobicoke (the westernmost part of Toronto, and I’m downtown). No need to go out of your way to fetch me.

H.: Didn’t you hear? In a limo. I got one for [garbled].

Me: Did you say limo?

H.: Yeah, dude — limo! Be ready — my buddy, who’s driving will get you at 8. We’re gonna party!

He’s the oddest client I’ve ever had, but hey, he pays on time and he’s always full of surprises.

H.: Here, lemme put on [garbled][in the background, to someone else] here, talk to my friend.

Girl: Hello? Are you coming with us tomorrow night? Please say you will.

Me: Uhm…yeah! Sure! I’m down.

Girl: Cool. Hey, I like your voice. [garbled] you in radio?

Me: Er…no. Computers.

Girl: And what’s your name?

Me: Joey. Joey deVilla.

Girl: Sounds kind of musical. Okay, see you tomorrow!

H.: So, Joe, you gotta promise me [garbled] out tomorrow night. It’ll be a [garbled] party! Ever [garbled] limo with chicks before?

Me: Oh, maybe once or twice

H.: [garbled] call tomorrow [garbled] friend [garbled] eight [garbled] software [garbled] database [garbled] drunk [garbled] home by morning [garbled] call! Ciao!

Me: Hey, yeah, ciao.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s client meeting. Better pack the accordion.

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