Today is “very busy doing all kinds of money-earning things so let’s just show some photos day”!

(Today’s title borrows from the very funny blog Girls Are Pretty, which comes up with a new theme for every day.)

You too can feel that much closer to a rock star

The mysterious vinyl_demon informs me that an eBay auction selling “Rocks from Avril Lavigne’s home town Napanee” has just closed. The final price was US$1.50, which will probably be less than the cost of shipping.

My friends from Queen’s University, my alma mater, will recognize Napanee as “the sleepy little industrial town just west of Kingston, with the really large McDonald’s roadside stop.”

Because I’m all about pleasing my readers

A reader who wished to remain anonymous writes:

okay, accordion person, you’ve already run that photo of the japanese women with the breast scarves 3 times. i’m sure it’s all fine and dandy for the boys with the asian girl fetish, but what about the rest of us? can you balance the scales? can you? punk?

Why yes. Yes I can.

Photo: Me and phallic throw pillow at the Hustler store in L.A., January 2001.

Okay, Playboy, want to buy this photo? Asian boy fetishists, enjoy! (Taken at the Hustler store in Los Angeles in January 2001.)

She’s doing security at my party on Saturday

The blog Inluminent, which covers matters of “small business, marketing, the Macintosh and other web based developments”, until recently used photos of scantily clad supermodels as a kind of way of increasing its readership (I have a friend to claim to read it “only for the articles”.) In response to some reader mail, the blog’s author has changed it so that the pictures can be turned on or off — the default is “off”.

I’ll admit to having used photos of cute people to spice up the ol’ weblog, but the big difference between the people in Inluminent and The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century is that I know the people in the photos. That, and the photos are unretouched. Every single last one of my friends, boy or girl, is naturally a hottie.

My friend Mira, whom I haven’t seen in a while, RSVP’d for my upcoming party and sent me some photos of her at an open air shooting range, thinking that I’d be amused. I was, and asked her if I could post them on the blog. She said “Yes! But use only the good ones!”

Mira, they’re all good! I very much dig very cute girls with very big guns (and don’t we all?).


Doesn’t it look like she’s defending a huge crop of weed?


“It’s comin’ straight for us!”


Mira certainly knows how to take the boredom out of fishing.


This looks like a still from an ’80’s action flick, doesn’t it?


I would answer a LavaLife personal with this photo. In a second.

Thanks, Mira! See you Saturday!

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