The party

Updated (captions added) on Monday, November 11th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Folks, I’m too exhausted to caption the photos right now, but here are my photos from the party. Other people took some — if you have any could you please send copies my way?

Very early in the evening. with Fergal, Hector and some guy (can’t tell, the photo’s so grainy) chilling in the living room. Aren’t the white couches so grown-up?

The dining room, featuring back-to-back conversations with Saturn and Liz.

Giant bottles of beer make me happy!.

Make that “giant bottles of beer and cute girls make me happy”. That’s Stephanie on the left, you already know the fool on the right.

The obligatory phallic posing with the giant beer, and it’s not even midnight yet.


“Are you sure you’ve got my head in the shot? I’m really tall.” “Sure, I’m sure! Now shut up and pose.”

My cousin Vince: “Hee hee hee…those were gooooooood cookies…hee hee hee…”

No party is complete without the Thirsty People of Toronto!

“We’re happily married, and we bought our washer and dryer at Sears.”

Random dining room shot number one.

Random dining room shot number two.

Two of the legendary Sunni Choi Girlz, Sandi and Karin.

Two of the legendary Sunni Choi Girlz, Sandi and Karin.

Meanwhile, in the living room… Will checks out my bottle of Becherovka in the foreground while Leila and Hoda look on in the background.

Random dining room shot number three. I believe that’s the back of Peter’s head.

Random dining room shot number four. The dance floor is now in full swing

We love girls who wear glasses! Char and Steph hang out by the bar.

The twins — Holly and Hoda sit with Leila, while “P. Willy” cheelz: “Dese mah bitches, yo.”

“We’re also happily married, and we renovated our kitchen thanks to Home Depot.”

Celebrity vist . Local recording artist Kat Goldman (in red) pays a visit to the dance floor. That’s Paul on the left, and I-can’t-tell-whom on the right, checking out the food.

Greg, Vince, Karin, and someone’s shoulder.

Possum, Stephanie and me. That’s Diana in the background.

Dance floor shot number one.

Dance floor shot number two. That’s Mira, the world’s sexiest substitute teacher on the right.

Dance floor shot number three. The first of many crotch shots taken at the party.

Dance floor shot number four.

Dance floor shot number five.

Dance floor shot number six.

Dance floor shot number seven.

Dance floor shot number eight.


Iain Deans actually having a Zen moment. This kind of thing is very rare, and we are very lucky to have captured it in a photo!

The dining room/dance floor.

The kitchen.

The living room coffee table. You know it’s a good party when someone brought Clorets.

The upstairs tub. Only pop remains, and not much of it, either.

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