The party, from Jai’s camera (part four)

Here’s the final installment from Jai’s set of photos.

Even cute when blurry. Holly, Hoda and Leila with half of Will.

Dorian holds court over the lounge crowd.

Fergal (in the foreground) watches my unstoppable schmoozing style.

Stephanie: “PARTY! WHOO!”

Leila scores a debating point and Dorian makes a rebuttal.

The mackin’s not just going on in the living room, it’s happening out on the back deck.

The fellas on the back deck.

Chris Turner, Iain Deans, Greg Wells and Dave Kemp. Greg always goes from zero to slut after 8 beers.

Still mackin’.

Will: “Don’ be messin’ wit’ me, dogg.”

Adam marvels at all the cute women in glasses at the party.

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