Psychic Unfair

TV screen shot: Miss Cleo!

Yeah, right. Isn’t her Jamaican accent fake, too?

The Ontario Skeptics Society for Critical Inquiry may have an unwieldy name, but they’ve got a great little fair happening tomorrow. It’s the Psychic Unfair, their “response to the psychic fairs and expos that continually promote paranormal phenomena and charlatans in this part of the world”. Accordion City has a popular annual “Psychics, Mystics and Seers Fair” that’s taken place every year for the past while, but this is only the Psychic Unfair’s second such event.

There will be psychic demonstrations, experiments, games, books and lots of information about the skeptical consideration of faith healing, crop circles, cryptozoology, UFOs, alien abductions, ESP, therapeutic touch and other such phenomena. There’s also a $1000 challenge where “psychics” and the public are invited to identify three objects in sealed boxes to win cash.

The Unfair takes place at the Earth Sciences Centre at the University of Toronto tomorrow, Saturday November 2nd, between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. Here are directions and a map if you’re interested.

Seeing as I live a five-minute bike ride away from U of T, I might drop by. I could use the cash, too.

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