Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System

Also taking place Sunday, July 21st is an event being put together by the Promise party crew: the Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System!

My friends David and Irving are two really sweet guys who love underground dance music, particularly hip-hop, breakbeat, deep house, and drum-and-bass. At any given dance event such as Chicks Dig It, Milk, or Movement, it’s very likely that I’ll run into them. Being hardcore dance fiends, they’re not content to merely attend other people’s parties; they’re party organizers themselves.

Their latest party idea — setting up their sound system and DJs at Cherry Beach — has caught on so well that it’s on its way to becoming a weekly event. Tomorrow (Sunday, July 21st), they’ll host another installment of the Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System. Here are the details, taken directly from their mailing list:

this sunday July 21, 2 -10pm

rnb, livin’ large and promise

cherry beach sunday afternoon soundsystem


  • The Reverend (dub’n atmospheric drum n’ bass)
  • Miss KLC and Gerald Belanger (beach party house n’ techno)
  • Dalia (hip hop n’ stuff)
  • Tim Patrick (big deep house)
  • Gabor (trip hop)

and maybe some others

Bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only nice dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on this lazy sunny sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.


Take Lakeshore Blvd East of Toronto, just past Parliament

Turn sound south down Cherry Street all the way to the parking lot at the end

Walk west (right) along the beach and you’ll hear music

And, biking there is easy along the trails beside the lakeshore

things to think about:

Please don’t bring more than you plan to take back out with you – leave no trace.

Bring something warm and something to sit on and also something to keep sun off your head and maybe some bug spray for the evening.

If weather turns foul the day of, call 323.0361 for the emergency update.

See you there.


Jim, Rene, Keijo, Rick, Ali, David and Irving

All this and the ever-cute DJ Dalia too? I may have to attend this one as well as the Streets are for People party.

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