Sing-along on our corner, tonight at 7 / A failed German attempt at an Italian-style balcony sing-along

by Joey deVilla on March 20, 2020

So this just happened: I was practicing accordion on the porch, and my neighbor Susan suggested a social distancing sing-along. It’s happening tonight on our corner at 7!

I’ll see about putting it on Facebook Live.

Hopefully, it’ll go better than this German’s attempt to replicate the Italian balcony sing-along:

Here are some translations:

  • Fresse: Short for fresse halten, which means “shut up”
  • Ruhe: Quiet
  • Das gibt ne anzeige: (I need help with this one)
  • Es ist mittagstunde: It’s noontime
  • Halts maul: Shut up (literally “stop mouth”)
  • Guck mal auf die hausordnung: Look up the house rules
  • Ich ruf der polizei: I’m calling the police

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