I’m Over It, But Google Still Isn’t

by Joey deVilla on July 17, 2013

As you type your name into a Google search box, what suggestions do you get? Here’s what happens when you type in mine:

joey devilla google suggestions

That’s probably a result of my posts on That Particular Situation, listed below in the proper chronological order for the first time:

I’m all right with Google showing “joey devilla divorce” as one of its top suggestions, but maybe it’s time to mix it up a little. I’d like the following to be one of the top suggestions when you type in my name:

if you die in joey devilla do you die in real life

If you’d like to help me make this a reality, you can do one simple thing: do a search for “if you die in joey devilla do you die in real life”! Click that link or the screen capture above and help me mix up my search results a little.

In case you don’t get the reference, it’s from this XKCD comic:

if you die in canada you die in real life

(By the way, the top result for “if you die in joey devilla do you die in real life” is an article in Guyism on what your drink order says about you. It features a photo I took in Seattle.)

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Sebastian Romu July 17, 2013 at 2:28 pm

The number 1 result for my click was this article itself. The 12 drinks article has slipped to number 2.

Thane Eichenauer, Phoenix, Arizona July 18, 2013 at 12:37 am

Y’all still use Google search? Isn’t there an better, smarter search called Bing?

Find out what happens when you type “Joey Devilla” on bing…


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