An Honest Cable-and-Internet Ad

by Joey deVilla on March 29, 2013

honest cable internet company

If North American cable-and-internet providers were honest, they’d produce an ad that went like this. Note that there’s some swearing involved, as is often the case with cable-and-internet providers.

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Mark Jaquith March 30, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Interesting. It alleges cartel behavior. I’m only aware of the local monopoly/duopoly effect. Cartel behavior (i.e. price-fixing agreements) would be illegal. Not that it would really surprise me.

It’s also worth noting that there are at least two options where I live for TV/Internet/Phone services, which is better than what it was a decade ago, where most places just had one option.

It’s a tricky problem to solve. Having each company string its own network is really inefficient (but it’s what happened when FiOS rolled out). Having one company control the wires is just the worst effects of a government monopoly and a corporate monopoly. What would be interesting, though technically tricky, is letting multiple companies compete over the same wires. Have the local government own the basic infrastructure, but let companies compete for customers by offering services. Like municipal broadband, but with some actual choice.

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