Florida man receives internet burn of the day

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Quick internet diversion of the day: Were you slain or spared by Thanos?

A few years ago, terms like “Tony Stark”, “Wakanda”, “Thanos”, and “Infinity Gauntlet” would’ve meant something only to comic books nerds like Yours Truly, but thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s amazing run, even obscure characters like the Grandmaster, Rocket Raccoon (well, he’s just “Rocket” in the movies), and Ant-Man are now well-known to the general public.

In this new, nerdier world, a site like has an appeal that it wouldn’t have had a mere five years ago.


If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your band, album, or team, here’s a suggestion…

Seen in the fridge at the Sourcetoad office.

Milked Hazelnuts / Milked Walnuts would make a great name for an art-rock, chillwave, or turntablist album.

Speaking of Chillwave…


“Proud Boy”: 0, Sign: 1 [Updated]

Update — Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT: Of course the story gets weirder. Scroll to the bottom for more details.

This gem of a video, taken on May Day in Seattle by Seattle-based photographer Nate Gowdy, features a what appears to be a member of Patriot Prayer (he was originally thought to be a “Proud Boy”  — an alt-right men’s group founded by professional hipster turned professional right-wing agitator Gavin McInnes) attempting — rather unsuccessfully — to rip up an anti-fascist sign. Turn up the audio on this one, because the video’s greatly enhanced by the woman mocking him.

The Proud Boys’ website says that you can’t achieve their 4th degree until you “endure a major conflict related to the cause”. While he denies any affiliation with the Proud Boys, does this count as is 4th degree initiation?

In case you need a photo to pass around, here’s a still from the video:

Photo: Still from the video. Features 'Proud Boy' attempting to rip a sign that says 'NO! In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America'.

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Nate Gowdy, the source of the video, was contacted by the thwarted sign-ripper, Luke Mahler. Here’s his report:

The man in the video shared here, Luke James Mahler, 21, messaged via Messenger to clarify that he is neither a member of the Proud Boys nor is he a member of Patriot Prayer. I thank him for the clarification and regret the assumption that because he was wearing a Patriot Prayer shirt at a rally held by Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys that he is involved with either of them.

Here is our conversation, verbatim:

Luke: I’m a member of Club USA. Not proud boy or patriot prayer. Change it on your video please. I’m sick of your fake news.

me: Hi Luke – thank you for clarification.

Luke: And just an fyi dumb ass, i have adhd and autism!!!

me: Oh, I have ADHD too.

Luke: I’m contacting national news and exposing your hate against a man with disabilities, dumb fuck!!!

me: I think you’re equating autism with hate

Luke: thanks for digging your own grave, bitch! “Leftist seattle thugs harass disabled patriot” will be the title

me: And for clarification, what is Club USA and what is your age? So that we can be accurate on that as well[,] if you wouldn’t mind clarifying

Luke: Club USA is an organization that i started that belies that we can have a difference of opinion without division. I am 21 years old.

me: And to be clear, you’re not involved with Patriot Prayer?

Luke: NO I wore that shirt to piss off joey[.] if you knew our history, you would not believe i’m with patriot prayer.

me: Why would it piss off Joey?

Luke: I don’t have time for to explain shit. Let’s just say i made shit real personal with him. And i mean “real”

me: But you can understand why people would assume you’re involved with Patriot Prayer at one of their rallies?

Luke: Still fake news[.] Ask Joey

me: I think it’s more an honest, easy to make mistake since you are in public wearing a Patriot Prayer shirt at one of their rallies. Thank you for helping me set the record straight.

Luke: You’re welcome

me: I will edit the original post to state that you are not affiliated with Patriot Prayer but [were] just wearing the shirt to piss Joey Gibson off[.] Correct?

Luke: Just get your story straight next time. And apologize to Joey and Pete too. They’ve been up my ass for the last hour because of your video!

me: How is your group different than Patriot Prayer? And when was it founded?

Luke: 2018 and while there is not much difference, you still associated me with a group i am not part of.

me: Because you were at their protest wearing their shirt

Luke: Understandable, but still fake news.

me: So you misled me intentionally so that I would create fake news?

Luke: I didn’t mislead anyone intentionally. I was trying to piss Joey off by wearing his shirt as he does not like me and i thought his reaction would be priceless. And btw, his reaction was PRICELESSS[.] That’s a reaction you should have had in your video

me: Why wouldn’t he like you?

Luke: Ask him. AND APOLOGIZE TO HIM TOO. And if he won’t tell you, there is a whole article on it!!!

me: I shared a video of an adult wearing a Patriot Prayer shirt at a Patriot Prayer rally. No apologies for that. Would you mind forwarding the article?

Luke: Sure. I shouldn’t, but I am.

me: Cool

Luke: Brace yourself though. there you go

me: Ok hold on- give me a moment to read

Luke: take your time[.] Fox news desk now has it, Ben Shapiro has it, Tucker Carlson has it, and Pete is working with Gavin. Dude we got your back remember what i said today about us protecting our own? That was some fucked up shit and you will have yours very soon. you are so fucked, bro. That’s from a proud boy you will not be getting the name of. Now I gotta go to bed. Bye.

In case you’re curious, here’s how Luke’s group, Club USA, describes itself:

Club USA is a right-wing group based in the Everett, Washington area. Club USA describes itself as advocating in favor of free speech, and opposing big government. The group organizes freedom rallies in predominantly liberal areas, in which they have been met with large numbers of counter-protestersWhite nationalists have attended some of the rallies organised by Club USA, sparking controversy. Luke Mahler, the founder of Club USA,  denounces racism, and denies Club USA is connected to the alt-right.

Club USA’s next big event is a “Freedom March” in downtown Anaheim on June 19th, presumably in the same spirit as that friendly little get-together of good people at Charlottesville last year.


Seen on the Publix clearance shelf: The unhappiest adult diaper model

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The most entertaining part of our weekly grocery shopping trip is passing by the clearance shelf at our local grocery store, Publix, and seeing what’s there. I’ve found many interesting things there,  such as Frozen-branded lunch bags, Mardi Gras leftovers, lantern batteries, and hair care products from a bygone era. This week’s find was the photo on the packaging for the store-brand adult diapers.

Unlike Depends, where the models on their packaging are smiling…

…the expression on Publix’s model is a little more subdued:

Click the photo to see it at full size.

It’s that expression that gets me. I’m not sure if it says “I can’t believe I need these things!” or “I turned down an opportunity to be Ryan Reynolds’ stunt double…for this?!

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