Florida of the day: I’ll see your crazy cat lady, and raise you a crazy CHICKEN lady!

chicken lady house 1

You can find a crazy cat lady in many places, but you’ll have to go to Florida — Port Richey, to be specific — to find a crazy chicken lady. According to the Pasco County Arrests site (a site that’s made possible by Florida’s sunshine laws), a woman was investigated for having livestock in her house. It turned out that she had about 100 chickens there.

chicken lady house 2

In addition to the charges you might expect, she was also charged with resisting arrest and providing a false name to a law enforcement official. After all, this is Florida, and we have a tradition of providing not-quite-believable names to the cops.

chicken lady house 3

Thanks to Rachel Segal for the find!


Girls’ Life vs. Boys’ Life

girls life - boys life

Click the photo to see it at full size.

Pictured above, from left to right, are:

  • The August/September 2016 issue of Girls’ Life magazine, complete with headlines like “Fall Fashion You’ll Love”, “Your Dream Hair”, and “Best. Year. Ever.”, and
  • the September 2016 issue of Boys’ Life magazine, splashed with the headline “Explore Your Future”.

Matt Frye, who took the photo at his local library, said:

A sad microcosm of what our society says being a girl vs being a boy means. With three girls to raise, this breaks my heart. I’ll fight like hell for my girls to not exist in this reality.

The owner of the Princess Free Zone has this to say about the photo:

Why I do what I do. Because this shit is real. And kids believe it.

Remember, teenagers read this sort of stuff as part of their attempt to figure out the world. When we present the world to them like this, we limit girls’ horizons, and set up boys to be Gamergaters.


Michael Letterle makes this important observation: