Sign of the day

no soliciting sign

This sign may come in handy, what with it being a particularly contentious election year here in the Excited States.


It’s time for my traditional Mother’s Day greeting…

…from Shaft!

But seriously: Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, and all of you who fill a mom-like role. You make the world go ’round.

I’d like to send an extra-special Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. I may be 1100 miles away, but I’m still thinking of you!

joey and mom


A scene from a wonderfully misspent youth

george scriban and joey devilla

That’s George Scriban on bass, and Yours Truly doing the vocals.

Before I was an accordion player, I was a synth player. During my colorful academic career at Crazy Go Nuts University, I played keyboards in an grunge-y alt-rock band named Volume from 1992 through 1994, where I fit myself into the sound in the same way Roddy Bottum fit his into Faith No More. The rest of the band were:

  • Andrew Pirie: Drums
  • Chris Walmsley: Guitar
  • George Scriban: Bass
  • Mike List: Vocals

In order to give Mike’s vocals a break, I’d get to take over vocals for one number: a medley of Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy and the Public Enemy/Anthrax version of Bring the Noise. That’s right, we were taking two radically different songs and mashing them together years before Norman Cook even came up with the alternate identity of “Fatboy Slim”.

The photo above was taken by Chris Phillips, who took the photo at a house party gig held somewhere in the “student ghetto”. That’s Yours Truly up front, and George on bass, and wow, are we looking as early ’90s as all get-out.


When I was a younger accordion player

Joey deVilla plays an accordion while wearing 'Hulk Hands'.

Click to see the photo at full size.

My friend Desmond sent a scan of this old photo of me taken sometime in the early 2000s. The clues to the time: sideburns, goatee, more hair (and less grey), the decor at my parents’ house in the background, the accordion, which I purchased from Caringi Accordion House in 2000, and my youthful, muscular hands.


How to talk to your cat about gun safety, evolution, and abstinence

If you have a young cat in the house, you’re probably wondering about those upcoming times when you and kitty will have “the talks”. Luckily for you, the American Association of Patriots has you covered with their handy pamphlets.

how to talk to your cat about gun safety

This timely guide answers such questions as:

  • Do I need to talk to my cat about gun safety?
  • Do cats really play with guns?
  • So my cat finds a gun, what’s the big deal?
  • Is it safe to own a gun if I have cats in my house?
  • I’m responsible with my gun, why should I bother to teach my cat about gun safety?
  • What age is right to start talking to my cat about gun safety?
  • What are the risks of not talking to my cat about gun safety?

… and much more!

how to talk to your cat about evolution

After a successful campaign for cat gun safety, the American Association of Patriots are back; this time working to dispel the myth of evolution.

As stated within this slim but vital pamphlet on the vital topic of How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution: “It is your duty as a responsible cat owner to purrtect them from the barrage of misinformation they are assaulted with every day.” The more you know.

how to talk to your cat about abstinence

You’ve talked to your cat about gun safety and evolution, but you still need to have The Talk. Birds and bees aren’t just flying creatures your cat chases, your cat needs to know about the dangers of premarital sex, the importance of abstinence, the cat heaven that embraces those that abstain, and the kitty hell that awaits those that live in sin. You might have thought it was ok to talk to your cat about birth control and STDs but really waiting is the only way. Make sure your kitteh knows to keep its promise!

Thanks to Ryan Castellucci for the find!