Only Chewbacca’s hairstylist knows for sure!

chewie switched conditioners

It’s either a new conditioner, or Han’s been adding a raw egg to Chewie’s Wookiee Chow.


How spicy do you like it?

korean spiciness chart

I’m a “number 4” kind of guy, myself.

Thanks to Glen Sloan for the find!


Wrong-number text of the day

hey boats return your hazmat

This came from a number with the area code 847, which covers Chicago’s northern suburbs. I’ve since been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to ratiocinate a situation that would lead to the message “Hey boats return your hazmat”. I’m assuming that by “hazmat”, the sender means hazardous materials suit.


Mr. T dreams of whisky

mr t dreams of whisky

I don’t know if it’s what he’s daydreaming about, but it’s what I’m daydreaming about. You can find more like this on a Tumblr titled Mr. T’s Daydreams.

Thanks to Karen Geier for the find!


T-shirt of the day: For those of you who are both “Star Wars” and thrash fans…


Unfortunately, this t-shirt doesn’t exist…yet!

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any metal-inspired Star Wars t-shirts. Check out these shirts featuring characters’ names done as thrash and death metal band logos, available at the MetalSucks store:

leia t-shirt

han solo t-shirt


darth t-shirt

Thanks to the award-winning Brett Savory for the find!


I don’t understand what the big deal is…

i don't understand what the big deal is

Found via The ManKind Project.

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My Indian style is unstoppable!

joey working

Yours Truly at the Pune Marriott’s rooftop bar, as he writes this article.

नमस्ते (Namaste) from India! I’m in the city of Pune for the week, working out of GSG’s Indian office. You should expect travel-related blog posts here for the next few days.

It’s closing in on 9:00 p.m., Monday, November 2nd, 2015 as I write this, but back home in the Eastern Standard Time zone, it’s closing in on 10:30 a.m.. In either case, the working day isn’t done as far as I’m concerned; there are presentations to be made tomorrow, and I’m putting the finishing touches on them. At least I get to work at Paasha, my current favorite watering hole, located on the hotel’s roof, where the staff are incredibly helpful, and the DJ is spinning some chill OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ music.

I’m part of the visiting U.S. management team, so I’ve got to wear the standard hot Asian country business outfit, which is dress shirt, dress slacks, dress shoes, skip the jacket and tie. This is India, where you can go a little funkier with the shirt, but even in these more egalitarian times, and even though it’s an IT office, I’m wearing long sleeves for the first few days just to make it clear that yes, I am a director from the U.S. office:

joey devilla business

What hip jet-setting Asian-American businessmen are wearing these days.

Pune’s about as warm as Tampa, but way less humid, so long sleeves aren’t even a problem for me here. It hit 32°C (90°F) today, and this evening, it’s a nice 20°C (70°F) with a slight breeze.

The company’s having a big-ass all-hand party this Thursday, and we’re expected to dress up, so we went shopping for proper attire, and as a bonus, we can expense our formal duds! We hit a number of local shops looking for kurt-pajamas. I liked this one, but I needed something a little more flash:

joey devilla kurta 1

This one wasn’t bad…

joey kurta 1.5

I also liked this one:

joey devilla kurta 2

I checked out some turbans, but it turns out that we’ll be presented with some as visiting management guests at the party:

joey devilla turban 1

I finally went with this kurta and threw in a stole for added flair. Just call me the Accordion Maharaja!

joey devilla kurta 3