Monday accordion: Ginny Mac playing “Seduction” and “On the Street Where You Live”

ginny mac

This Monday’s featured accordion number is Seduction, as played by Ginny Mac:

Ginny’s from Houston, Texas, and is a former member of the style-blending and -bending group Brave Combo. Since then she’s gone out on her own, releasing four albums, the latest of which, On the Street Where You Live, came out this spring. Here’s the album’s title track, a wonderful cover of a classic tune:


DOOM floppy disk throw pillows!

The perfect thing to accessorize the couch where you’ll watch the Transformers Sex Tape:

doom throw pillow

Found via Catsmob.
Click the photo to see it at full size.

These pillows are the creation of artist Maya Pixelskaya, and they’ll soon be available for purchase on her site.


“Transformers Sex Tape”, or when movie titles collide

What happens when a movie theatre is showing both the Michael Bay film Transformers: Age of Extinction and the Cameron Diaz/Jason Segel comedy Sex Tape? This:

transformers sex tape

Which led me to wonder: What would a Transformers Sex Tape look like? Maybe like this:

bumper grab

Those of you who read Marvel Comics in the ’80s might remember the relationship in issue #20 of the Transformers comic:

polish my hubcaps

Or this often-misconstrued screengrab from the original animated series:

hound and spike

Kids of the ’80s, I’ve just ruined your childhood:

perfectly routine medical examination

Bonus movie marquees!

Here’s one I posted back in 2007:

…and here’s my post from 2006:


Smug Republican representative mistakes brown-skinned senior US Government officials for foreigners


Newly-minted Tea Party-backed Florida Republican representative (there’s three warnings already) Curt Clawson turned a fairly dull House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting into a potential bonus scene from Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay when he mistook two senior US government officials for foreigners.

“I’m familiar with your country; I love your country,” Clawson said at the hearing, and he was met with what Foreign Policy called “looks of confusion” from Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar, are Americans who hold senior positions at the State Department and Commerce Department.

He likely made the rookie mistake of failing to read the meeting briefing, but as Foreign Policy puts it, he also was “apparently confused by their Indian surnames and skin color,” and as the video below shows, he smugly asked them to help India be a good little client state for big daddy ‘Murica:

“Just as your capital is welcome here to produce good-paying jobs in the U.S.,” he continued, inserting foot deeper into mouth, “I’d like our capital to be welcome there. I ask cooperation and commitment and priority from your government in so doing. Can I have that?”

With commendable composure, Biswal replied, “I think your question is to the Indian government. We certainly share your sentiment, and we certainly will advocate that on behalf of the U.S..”

Foreign Policy also reported: “During the hearing, he repeatedly touted his deep knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and his favorite Bollywood movies.”

Clawson apologized afterwards, saying “I made a mistake in speaking before being fully briefed and I apologize. I’m a quick study, but in this case I shot an air ball.”

Clawson is a newly elected representative for Florida’s 19th Congressional District. He replaced former representative Trey Radel, who took leave after pleading guilty to cocaine possession.


If you want to have a rock and roll funeral, this store’s for you!

assez deces

Found on Twitter via Super Infirmière (French for “Super Nurse”).
Click the photo to see the source.

In French, you pronounce the name of the band AC/DC as “Ah-Say Day-say”, which happens to sound just like the phrase “Assez décès“, which means “Enough death”.


One step closer to becoming Florida Man

one step closer

A slightly redacted and edited photo of my new driver’s license.
(Florida is America’s identity theft capital, after all.)

I now have a Florida Class E Driver’s License!

It took all of fifteen minutes, from entering the the Tampa – West Country Tax Collector Office, to showing my paperwork and having over 55 bucks and my Ontario driver’s licence, to getting my photo taken, to leaving with my new local credentials. As a licensed Canadian driver, I was took only a quick vision test; no written or practical driver’s test was required.

(If only I’d remembered that you can smile in a Florida driver’s license photo. You can’t do that for Canadian ID, as smiling throws off their facial recognition software.)

If you’re a Canadian citizen who wants to get a Florida driver’s license, the GatherGoGet site will give you all the information you need to get started.


His bloodlust stirred by killing innocent dinosaurs, Steven Spielberg moves on to hunting down Starfleet’s finest

spielberg and triceratops

Click the photo to read more about how it got people angry.

If you thought Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg’s hunting down of extinct species for sport was bad, things have become much worse. Someone notify Captain Kirk!

spielberg and redshirts

Click the photo to see it at full size.
Photo found via “borg drone”.