“Squeeze Ford”: A Rob Ford-shaped stress toy needs your help to become real!


squeezeford logoChris from Toronto is working on an interesting little stress-relieving project called Squeeze Ford — a Rob Ford-shaped stress toy! He’d like to make this come true, but manufacturing costs money, and unlike the mayor, he doesn’t have thug friends who live with their parents who can extort people. So instead, he’s set up an Indiegogo campaign with a modest $3,000 goal. If you’d like to have a Rob Ford that you can crush in your hand any time, you should get behind this project!

Here’s the video explaining the project:


Can cats fly?

can cats fly

I think we’re about to find out.


Christmas imagery, part one

Some Christmas-themed photos, now that Christmas Eve’s three weeks away…

christmas 01

Santa, I wanted an iPad Air, not a Mini!

christmas 03

“My lucky sweater always brings in the ladies.”

christmas 04

“I’ll have you know that all the bronies love my sweater!”

christmas 02

Keepin’ it festive, even in the mosh pit.

christmas 06

Every nurses’ station needs to do this.

christmas 07

I am so making this my tree next year.


In case you haven’t seen it yet: “The Hungry Games”, starring Cookie Monster as “Cookieness Evereat”

the hungry games

This may be Sesame Street’s best parody since Spider-Monster the Musical and Mad Men: The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, with Cookie Monster playing the part of “Cookieness Evereat”. I saw the parody last week, but after seeing Catching Fire last night, it’s even better.

ever in your flavor

“And may the cookies ever be in your flavour.”

They do a killer job referencing even the tiniest design elements from the movie.

cookies i volunteer

“Cookies?! Me volunteer!”

Cookie Monster is high-larious in a brunette wig, especially when he says “Being strong heroine of entire franchise hard work!”.



The only thing better would be to get Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence to perform this skit, complete with Cookie Monster’s lines, in a blue furry outfit. I’m sure an internet petition for this has already started.


Ah, yes: the fog.

Here’s the video — enjoy!


Yours Truly, hard at work

yours truly hard at work

It’s my first day on the job at Trainerbox! I’m the in the middle of leading a five-hour-long remote training session called “Intermediate .NET Programming with C#” (we’re on a 20-minute break as I type this) with 10 employees of a large American telco via Live Meeting. So far, so good!


What letters to Santa look like these days

dear santa

I didn’t bother typing in the URL to see what it was. If any of you do, could you let us know in the comments?


One of these destinations is not like the other


If you miss the first three flights, you have to go on the last one.