Clearance Shelves at Target or an “Angry Birds” Game in Progress?

angry bird 1

I took these photos of the “clearance” section in a Super Target (just like Target, but super!) in Tampa on Sunday evening. All that was left on one wall of shelves was a single Angry Birds plush red bird, a few bits and bobs and the shelves themselves. It looked like a game of Angry Birds in progress and as such, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos.

angry bird 2


Happy New Year 2012!

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone! I’m back online — but not where you might expect — and regular blogging here on Accordion Guy resumes as of Tuesday, January 3rd. Here’s to a great 2012 and an interesting Year of the Dragon.

I’ve got my hands full at the moment, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I’ll let the pictures tell most of the story of how quickly and completely things can change.

joey devilla new year 2011

joey devilla new year 2012

Same suit – 2011’s party had a Mad Men theme, 2012’s bash was an Archer costume party, both shows with 1960s clothes – but the situation is much improved. Life is good.