It Happened to Me

It must be election time…

…because Dad’s laying down the law.

Yesterday afternoon, after arriving back in Accordion City,
I dropped by Mom and Dad’s place. It’s near the airport, and it was a
nice thing to do since I’d missed the weekly family dinner on account
of being in Boston for the weekend.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the news,” Dad said, while I told him
about my trip, “but they’ve announced a date for the election.”

“June 28th,” I said. “I saw the papers during my stopover in Montreal.”

“You know, this family votes always votes Liberal. Always.” he said emphatically, with a glance that seemed to say If the Conservatives win, all us coloured folk will be rounded up within a half hour and put to work in the salt mines.

I always take Dad’s advice under consideration, but I also am old
enough to know when Dad is right and when is isn’t. Cases in point: he
once thought that my strong interest in computers was not a real
academic pursuit and detracted from my high school studies, and there’s
that really bad Bert Convy perm he once had in the seventies.

However, he is no stranger to politics. His father and mother were in municipal politics in the Philippines. His cousin, General Renato deVilla,
was the secretary of defense and a presidential candidate. He’s done
his share of work with people in both the provincial and federal
governments here in Canada. Most importantly, he engineered our
departure from the Philippines during Marcos’ dictatorial flip-out, an act aided, abetted and ignored by the Americans (Bush 41 once toasted Marcos with “We love your adherence to democratic principles” while the opposition was either in exile or jail), who needed Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Station.

I smirk every time David refers to Canada as a “dictatorship” (albeit a Disneyland one) or Kathy calls Canada a “banana republic with snow”; they’re both nice folks, but I worry that they’d fold like cheap furniture during a real crisis.

A friend of mine is voting NDP — not
because she thinks they’ll win, but to have them garner enough seats to
keep whomever wins in check. My opinion is that if you’re going to vote
for a party that can barely organize a beer run — and even then, not
without going into committee and calling in a sensitivity consultant —
go all the way and vote for the Natural Law Party of Canada.

She also suggested that the resort that my family is building in the
Philippines should be an ecotourism one, and I managed to fight off the impulse to roll my eyes. Not messing up our own backyard
is part of the plan, but making it the primary selling point makes about as much
sense as promoting a restaurant that sells watery plebian beer and
just-passable food solely on the strength of its big-breasted

Oh, wait…

Let me be clear right now: only severe brain damage or the promise of a
free bionic leg and kidney for Dad would ever get me to vote for the Bloc Quebecois.

Vive la rue Dorchester!

So here I sit in the political centre, going: “Liberals? Conservatives? Liberals? Conservatives?” Looks like I have some reading and candidate meetings in my future.

Feel free to throw in your two cents; that’s what the comments are for…

In the News

Suddenly, Vanilla Ice Doesn’t Seem So Bad

I’ll let Yahoo News do the talking:

Hasselhoff Has Rapping Down To An Ice-T

Rap legend Ice-T is risking his massive reputation on his latest
recruit – middle-aged former beach bum David Hasselhoff.The original
gangsta believes he can turn the ex-Baywatch star into hip hop’s next
big thing.Ice and Hasselhoff, 51, are neighbours in Los Angeles and
have struck up a close friendship.

The rapper – real name Tracey Morrow – told The Sun: “The man is a legend, we are going to show a whole new side of him.

“He’s gonna come out as Hassle the Hoff.

“The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour.”

The Hoff meister is no stranger to the music industry having conquered Germany through his soft rock skills.

And he notched up a no 35 hit in the UK with If I Could Only Say Goodbye in 1993.


Help out a blogger whose house burned down

Jay McCarthy, who writes the blog Makeoutcity, is Boston’s deepest blogger. He’s also Boston’s newest homeless blogger: lightning struck his family’s house and it burned to the ground early Sunday morning.

It is 7:08 AM on Sunday, May 23rd 2004. I am
sitting in my car behind my burning house. Just about two hours ago my
house was struck by lighting and I woke up to the sound of the fire
alarms. Although, at the time I did not know about the lighting.

As I waited in bed for the alarms to go off,
I thought about how annoying it is when this happens. For some reason
over the past few months they have turned on a few times, it never
really happened before so I wasn’t used to the deafening sound.

I heard my parents walking around and I
assumed that they were trying to turn them off. I wasn’t sure how this
was done so I didn’t think anything was amiss about it taking so long.

About 5 or 10 minutes later I started
smelling smoke and heard my dad looking in the attic outside my room.
It was now he started screaming, “The house is REALLY on fire. Get
anything you can and get out!” He said this as he walked down the
stairs and when he came back in after putting something outside.

I was a bit panicked and shaken but I grabbed
my backpack and threw my computers in it and put on some pants. I
should have probably put on the pants with my wallet in them, but for
some reason I didn’t. And I should have probably got a jacket as well
seeing as it is so cold now.

Everyone in his family escaped unharmed, but
right now, they only have what they were able to carry out of the house
and the clothes on their backs.

Although insurance will cover most of his
family’s costs, there will be a lot that it won’t cover. If you’ve got
a PayPal account and a little extra cash to spare, you might want to send some money using the PayPal donation site kindly set up by Boston blogger Lisa Williams.

It Happened to Me

You WERE kidding, weren’t you, dude?

One of the guys, at a bar after fireworks last night: “So, are there any Jewish neighbourhoods in New York?”


In the News It Happened to Me

Mentioned in the Globe and Mail

While in Boston, I got an rather excited call from my friend Anne, who told me that I got mentioned in the Focus section of Saturday’s edition of the Globe and Mail (Canada’s National Newspaper that doesn’t secretly want us to be annexed by the U.S. ). On page F6, there’s a quick writeup of Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs, a collection of blog entries in which my “New Girl Story” appears.

Here’s what was written:

Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs, edited by Alan Graham and Bonnie Burton, Apress, $17.99 (U.S.)

This best-of collection nicely captures the voyeuristic appeal of
“web logs” — blogs — with a selection of entries as international as
the World Wide Web. Canada is well represented with strong pieces by
Toronto blogger Joey de Villa, better known as Accordian [sic] Guy, and expat
Vancouverite Dean Allen, who now lives in France (with a woman who fell
in love with him via his blog).

The writeup was written by Globe and Mail writer/editor Carol Toller, whom I now like to think of as my unofficial PR agent at the paper: earlier this year, she republished the Longing and Shorting entry in the Our Town section.

Mondo thanks, Carol!

(Psst! It’s spelled “accordiOn”, not “accordiAn”.)


Recommended Reading

No, I don’t get any kickbacks for each copy sold. I got a nice little honorarium, though.



I’ll be at Clery’s tonight

I arrived in Boston at 10:30 this morning, took the subway to the Berkman Center, where I’ve been hanging out as The Redhead
worked. The weather here’s pretty nice and warm, and I hope it inspires
my friends and friends-to-be in Boston to catch up with me tonight at Clery’s (near Back Bay station, not far Copley Square) at 8 for drinkin’, accordionin’, conversin’ and eatin’.


“Six Clicks” Revisited

Last week, I posted an entry about how easy it is to import your Movable Type or TypePad blog’s entries into Blogware (the full “Six Clicks” article is on the Blogware site). I got a comment from The Blog Sceptic,
who had some suggestions, the biggest one being that Tucows should
“ditch the reseller route” and sell Blogware as its own product,
directly to users.

Boss Ross has a reply, in which he explains why we sell Blogware to ISPs and resellers rather than directly to end users.