It’s been a pretty racist week

This is just a reminder that all these stories took place just this week:

And only last week, did we begin to hear about the corruption behind the case of the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. And the number of times I’ve been told by well-meaning wypipo that anti-Asian racism from the coronavirus supposedly doesn’t existdespite having had that moment myself — is ridiculous.

Want more evidence? I’ll borrow this straight from Tony Pierce:

What have we learned this month about protesting in the Midwest?

If these guys weren’t white, they’d have been called by their rightful label: terrorists. They were armed, and went home without a single tear gas canister fired at them by police, despite their attempt to intimidate the assembly.

It seems to me the lesson is, if you go to a protest with guns and a confederate flag the police will allow you to march right up into the state house and treat you with respect.

These people protesting the murderous treatment of George Floyd were unarmed, but suppressed by police using riot tactics.

But if you arrive unarmed you’ll be teargassed.

Am I missing something?

It’s been a pretty racist week.

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At least in the Michigan case, you can sort of comprehend the fear felt by law enforcement at the prospect of lighting a civil unrest fire among white gun owners. I think they honestly don’t know what to do about just how well armed the citizenry have become, and if they tried to start tossing tear gas on armed protesters, it could get out of hand really quickly. Unarmed protesters are easy, you can throw whatever you like at them and drag them away. Waco was so long ago it seems but it’s only gotten worse since then.

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