New video shows that Rob Ford knows how to swear in Jamaican patois, even when apparently drunk

by Joey deVilla on January 21, 2014

im the mayor bumbaclotIt’s been a while since we’ve seen a droll and embarrassing-to-Toronto video starring our Peter Griffin-esque mayor, Rob Ford, but we were long overdue for a new one, and thankfully, he’s delivered.

The video below appears to feature His Worship making small talk with the locals at a fast food joint (of course) in the Toronto suburb of Rexdale. He doesn’t sound all that coherent, and were it not for his declaration that he’s given up drinking — and hey, who’s more credible than Rob Ford? — I’d swear he was a number of jumbo-sized sheets to the wind.

For all the things one can say about Rob Ford, he’s got a knack for getting down with people of colour in a way that most of the other municipal leaders in the Greater Toronto Area — all of whom are white, despite Toronto and area being nearly 50% non-white — just can’t. He even makes sure to use the Jamaican patois term “bumbaclot”, which any good Etobicoke kid, myself included, should have learned during those formative teen years. There’s hasn’t been a substance-abusing white-guy-talking-black this entertaining since Gary Busey!

Irie, bloodclot mayor, irie.

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