For Pleasure and Popularity, Play the Piano Accordion

by Joey deVilla on June 24, 2013

I’ve been up to more accordion hijinks as of late. I still take it out whenever there’s socializing to be done, and it still results in lots of fun. Here’s a shot of me entertaining my friends Lady Miss “Lake Louise” Verna, Paige and Twyla with my rendition of Taylor Swift’s We are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

joey and crucianelli

The observant regular reader will notice that this isn’t my usual accordion, but the Crucianelli, my serious stage performance axe. I thought it had been a while since it had seen some action and decided to take it out that night.

There is still one accordion that needs a little repair, after which I will take out on the town again. It’s the Lido, and it’s also known as the Chick Magnet for its incredible powers. It’s the accordion in this infamous photo:

i didnt choose the smug life - the smug life chose me

A couple of weeks later, I made an appearance at Social Game Universe’s office, not far from King and Portland, where a party was being held to promote Scott Nihill’s upcoming graphic novel, Bleedback. where I got to mix an accordion performance with an opportunity to wear one of those horse head masks:


Click the photo to see it at full size.

The horse mask looks great in profile. Viewed head on, it looks a little alien and disturbing:

accordion and horse mask head on

A couple of weeks after that party, I caught up with Nathon Gunn at the rooftop of The Pilot, where we ended up stumbling into a party full of energy sector execs and energy policy wonks. Nathon couldn’t resist trying on the accordion for size…

nathon and accordion

One of the people we met was Ted, who turned out not only to work in the energy industry, but also co-owned the bar (a man’s gotta have a hobby!). He pointed out that the Sattalites, a reggae band that were a big deal on local alt-rock radio back during my misspent youth in the ’80s, were taking the stage. We went a little closer to the stage, and after the band realized that I knew a good number of their tunes, they invited me to jam:

jamming the with sattalites

Nathon shot this video clip of me groovin’ along to the reggae beat. I’m from a tropical island, so this comes to me naturally:

A few days after the Pilot jam session was the first official Patio Friday of the year, which took place on the rooftop bar at Remy’s. There were more than a handful of people celebrating a birthday that night, and I made forty bucks and a few free drinks just by playing Happy Birthday several times in a row.

I even got to give a nice young lady some introductory accordion lessons:

accordion lessons

Verna shot this Vine video of me playing for the table beside us:

So remember, folks:

accordion - for pleasure and popularity

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Jevon June 24, 2013 at 7:56 pm

It’s reason enough to be friends with you . . .

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